Sleep lavishly with a

SwissSleep box spring

Ergonomically perfected and durable sleeping system
with a luxurious look

set hotelbox harmony inclusief matras en topperQualityfrom €2149

Stylish all-in box spring sets

Complete with upholstered mattress and topper

Luxuryfrom €2299

Top quality set with a choice of lying comfort

Flat or electrical, various colours & firmness ratings

Exclusivefrom €2899

Superior quality & ergonomics

Choose your colour, headboard, mattress, flat or electrical

Functionalfrom €3299

Exclusive box springs with a plus

Customised with integrated storage space

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Your dream bedroom, harmoniously finished with

SwissSleep accessories

Complete your room design with the matching SwissSleep furniture, meticulously finished with the same cover as your box spring.


Bedside tables


Footstool or trunk




Room screen



The box spring comfort in your existing bed

SwissSleep box spring insert

This box spring inset will replace your old slatted frame and will allow you to transform your existing bed furniture into a comfortable box spring.

From €349

A top quality night's sleep for every type of sleeper

SwissSleep mattresses

  • Ergonomic and durable
  • Carefully constructed, using only top quality and exclusive materials with a very refined finish
  • Extensive range for every type of sleeper, both with springs as well as solid core

The finishing touch

SwissSleep pillows

Classic & ergonomic

Optimise your sleeping comfort with a pillow specifically tailored to your personal sleeping preferences. SwissSleep can offer you a varied range of products: classic pillows with a natural or synthetic filling, as well as ergonomic pre-formed, pressure-relieving and uniquely cooling pillows.

Over 40 years of expertise in

Sublime sleeping comfort

SwissSleep has been guaranteeing the development and production of top quality sleeping comfort, made from top quality and exclusive materials, for four decades.


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