SwissSleep Mattress toppers

For even more lying comfort

SwissSleep Deluxe Topper

The SwissSleep Deluxe topper will allow you to add an extra layer of comfort on top of your existing mattress. The topper will also extend your mattress’ life span. The topper will get rid of the annoying centre gap with sleeping systems with 2 single mattresses.

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    8 cm high
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    2 year guarantee

The SwissSleep Luxury topper is available in 3 versions:


A topper with high quality and durable High Resilience cold foam with very good ventilation and resilience. Ideal for those who quickly feel hot at night.


A topper of ultimately flexible and resilient latex with a very good pressure distribution.

Visco memory foam

A topper of ultimately pressure reducing visco memory foam. Ideal for people with muscle or joint complaints.

SizeHRVisco & Latex
70 x 200€ 229€ 279
80 x 200€ 229€ 279
90 x 200€ 229€ 279
140 x 200€ 299€ 349
160 x 200€ 349€ 399
180 x 200€ 399€ 449
200 x 200€ 479€ 539

A top quality night's sleep for every type of sleeper

SwissSleep mattresses

  • Ergonomic and durable
  • Carefully constructed, using only top quality and exclusive materials with a very refined finish
  • Extensive range for every type of sleeper, both with springs as well as solid core

The finishing touch

SwissSleep pillows

Classic & ergonomic

Optimise your sleeping comfort with a pillow specifically tailored to your personal sleeping preferences. SwissSleep can offer you a varied range of products: classic pillows with a natural or synthetic filling, as well as ergonomic pre-formed, pressure-relieving and uniquely cooling pillows.

Over 40 years of expertise in

Sublime sleeping comfort

SwissSleep has been guaranteeing the development and production of top quality sleeping comfort, made from top quality and exclusive materials, for four decades.


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